My love is luxurious

IMG_3619 This chica just started dance lessons.

She could not be more excited. It was all she could talk about for a week. When we went to get her shoes and dance wear, she acted as if she had received an invitation to the palace. She was beaming sunshine and smiles.

It was so fun to watch her love something so completely. IMG_3615

As I peeked through the blinds, I saw my daughter with straight back and graceful hands calling something out of her depths. Her nose crinkled and her eyebrows rose, as she asked her self for brand new focus, and her body for brand new moves. With every successful attempt, something solidified in her. She became more and more steady.

It’s been a couple days now, but this steadiness is still present. At first, my mother’s heart groaned at the maturity this could represent. But as I’ve forced myself to sit with it, I recognize it as something else, something familiar.To be known and to be loved. To be given a gift that speaks directly to your heart, to a place that you didn’t know existed until his light came near. To be treasured.

My girlie might not dance later in life. This might not become her “thing.” But, this gift, the chance to do and explore in this way, has spoken directly to her heart. It whispers, on her heavenly father’s behalf,

“You are my treasure.”

“I delight in you.”

“My love is luxurious.”


Rainy day thoughts and Lenten feasting

He is enough. Yet, I get distracted by shiny things. I see a friend walk by with something shiny and new. Or I hear about how a good, responsible person owns this, or that, and I get stuck with a mindset that is not my own. I’m left sitting with thoughts that have nothing to do with what I value in life. I start to rush toward these things, filling my life with work in order to afford them. Ordering my days around sales and expected coupons in the mail. I load up.

I load up my life. My hours, my days, my months are all full. Then in a moment of Lenten victory, my Lord asks me to sit and look at what I have loaded up on. Asks me if these things are worth my life. He says, “I am enough.” He shows me himself in the desert. He says, “Look at how I feasted.” “How you feasted? You had nothing.” my heart replies. “I had everything.” is the reply.

When Satan told Jesus to turn the stone into bread, his response was, “No! The Scriptures say, ‘People do not live by bread alone.'” He was quoting Deuteronomy 8:3, which says, “Yes he humbled you by letting you go hungry and then feeding you with manna, a food previously unknown to you and your ancestors. He did it to teach you that the people do not live by bread alone; rather, we live by every word that comes from the mouth of the Lord.”

I don’t know about you, but bread seems, to me, a very basic need. In fact, if I were craving food, I wouldn’t spend much time wondering if it was out of necessity or out of want. I would go get myself some breakfast.

But, what else am I doing this with? What else in my life is only a “basic need” because I have followed someone else’s mindset? God knows that we need bread, that is why he said, “People do not live by bread alone.” but if we are filling our lives with all the things that others say we need, will there be room? Will there be room for the feasting?

Or, is that where we should start? Today, when I sat listening to his words in scripture, all I could hear was, “I am enough.” When the Holy Spirit led him to the desert, we assume that he was being called away to do something difficult. But could it be, that the Holy Spirit was drawing him away from the stuff of life so that he could be filled with the real life giving stuff? Could it be that the Holy Spirit saw his real need was not for carbohydrates and water, but for the life giving water that lasts forever? (John 4:14) Could it be that when we are in our own deserts, the places that are more spare and lack the comforts we desire, the Holy Spirit is drawing us away to drink at the well of abundant life? Could it be that the most spare places are actually the places where we are richest?

I forget. I forget when my toaster breaks, or when the check engine light comes on in my car. I forget that He is enough. He is more than enough. He is my feast in this dry and parched land.

This Week in Fuzzy Phone Pics

It’s Friday! Which means it’s time to link up our phone pics. This is such a fun way to see all the stuff that happened this week!
We started off with a jam-packed Sunday. Two of our little friends had an awesome birthday party. These were some gifts the kids and I made. (I don’t have pics of the other present, but I will probably share the poem Roc wrote for it. It was really fun!)20130215-085647.jpg

We made these awesome jet packs at the party. This little guy wore his the whole time. The cuteness killed me. 20130215-085809.jpg

There were these super cute cupcakes!20130215-085909.jpg
<br /
We sat at the kid table with these lovely ladies. It was surprisingly comfortable. 20130215-090115.jpg

Then we went to hang out with some student. One of them had these batman socks! They had capes!20130215-090218.jpg

This happened one day. This never happens. Normally, he is the energizer bunny baby. He just keeps going and going. 20130215-090342.jpg

Then there was Valentine’s Day.


And, someone found his jet pack again.


Now, that I see them all together. I realize that I need to get better at taking snapshots of our days, but I don’t want to become a tourist of my own life, either.

How do you capture memories while still engaging the moment? Any tips for me?

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My favorite time of year and the voices in my head


We are coming upon my favorite time of year, Lent. It feels like such an odd thing to say. To acknowledge that I look forward to forty days of sitting with the suffering and hardship that my savior went through. But, I do.

I love purposefully stripping away the things that distract me. To put small comforts aside, and remember. This is my listening time of year. 

I’m not always the greatest listener. I rush around and act like my agenda is so important, often racing against my own self. If you could get inside my head while I’m in “the zone,” as my family calls it. You’d hear ridiculous things like, “Finish this task, that task, then you can go to the bathroom.” or “If you do those three things, you can have another cup of coffee.” 

This competition with time fills my head with a busy conversation, that spirals deeper and deeper into self-centeredness. A child asks for help and I’m wondering why they are interrupting the voice in my head. Can’t you hear that I must put two loads of laundry in the washer before I can stop to put my sweatshirt on? 

I realize how crazy I sound. Your inner voice is probably a lot calmer. Your rewards are probably more exciting than sweatshirts and cups of coffee. But, don’t we all have versions of this? All the things we put on ourselves and then elevate to emergency status. 

During Lent, I feel permission to quiet the racing voice. She’s still there, and she makes crazy demands sometimes, but I just turn down her volume.  It is not her agenda I’m interested in.

I would love to stay in this listening place all year ’round, but I’m human. I get tired of contending with the things of this life. They crowd in, closer and closer. So close that they get a voice in my head, and let’s be real, a place in my heart. 

But, Lent is 40 days. 40 out of 365. That sounds doable. Will I fail? Yes. Will I put my own ridiculous agenda before my Lord’s? Yes. Will I get prideful when I do it right? Of course. 

But, every year as I commit to do these days with Jesus. He meets me there. Without fail, these are the sweetest of days. They are still full of all the annoying things of life that need to get done, but my perspective shifts. I’m aware of the company I keep. 

How about you? Do you celebrate Lent? What does Lent look like for you?