When you find yourself in the funny papers

Hello, Friend!

It is really hard to blog right now, because our lives are really funny and ever-changing.  But, because my stats say somebody is visiting this space (probably my mom), I wanted to share some of the things we have been up to. 

We live by the motto, “You can’t put life on hold.”  No matter where you are and what you are in the midst of, life continues.  Put the boy in basketball.  Have the big party.  There are no do-overs for this year.  So, based on that motto, this is what we’ve learned.

The Best Things to do When Making Big Life Changing Decisions:

1.  Teach your children to memorize Tennyson.  This is best done when swinging on a tire swing.

2.  Sew, sew, and then sew.  Remember to sew piles and piles of stuff, so that your husband will worry about how you will get it to your new home (once you find a new home).

3.  Read LOTS of Laura Ingalls Wilder.  You would be surprised how encouraging the simple hardships of the pioneers can be when you are trying to do a new thing.

4.  Try to get back in shape.  Running in the torturous high altitude can give you a great perspective on life. (“Well, at least I’m not running right now.”)

5.  Spend A LOT of time laying in the hammock.  In fact, do everything you can in the hammock.  We have our Shakespeare class in the hammock.  We Facebook in the hammock.  We talk to Jesus in the hammock.

6.  Do things together.  Read together as a family.  Play together as a family.  Do laundry together as a family.  Be homesick together as a family.  Pray about the future together as a family.  Make decisions together as a family.

7.  Start making really bold fashion choices.  Just because.

8.  Eat a lot of pickles.  I think it’s funny how everyone pickles something different.  If you find yourself travelling, or just in a new place, you should check out the pickle aisle and try a new kind of pickle.  I just fell in love with pickled cauliflower!

9.  Say yes.  Just try it out.  It really gets things moving.  Yes, you can have a root beer float at 9 am.  Yes, you can sleep out in the tent tonight.  Yes, we can do that.  Yes, I can send my resume in for that.

10.  Don’t worry about normal.  There is no normal.  Take the risk God has set before you.  Don’t worry about what you look like.  Do it.  And, do it well.  Don’t just do it part way.  It’s when you do it part way that people start to wonder and ask questions.


Is this seat taken?

I’m having a date with my King this morning.  Just a sit and chat.  It’s funny how the idea of how a date should look has completely changed in my mind.  (I mean, our last date included a pet store and GIANT sodas from Circle K:))  After being married for 11 yrs, dates have morphed into these times where you go, well, anywhere, just the two of you, and you make space for each other.  Space to remember.  Space to dream.  Space to share.

This morning, I’m making space.  Space for my King.   Space to remember with Him.  Space to hear His dreams.  Space to share.

*I’m sorry I’ve been gone so long.  We are in transition.  Our transition spaces don’t always have internet, or phone service for that matter :).  And, it takes a certain amount of “unplugging” to find the direction we are to go.  Stability is right around the corner, though.  In the meantime, we are enjoying trees, fresh air, spoiling by the grandparents, and quality time with nieces and nephews.