When Dad Teaches

Homeschooling can look so different from family to family. I always enjoy seeing how different families do it, so I thought it would be fun to give some sneak peaks of our school day. Today, I wanted to show you some “Dad” subjects.

Every school day, before Jon goes to work, he teaches the kids a couple of subjects. Here, he and Shekinah are doing Math.


They’re excited to show you.


They just hit a rough patch.

Carrying numbers is hard.


See what I mean?

Also, holding your head helps.


Either that, or my kids have really heavy heads.

Roc is doing his Math too.

Jon starts by giving instruction to one kid. Then, he gives them some seat work. Once that kid has a good handle on that, he moves on to the next kid’s instruction.

I feel a little silly explaining it to you, but you would be surprised how often I’m asked, “How do you teach two grade levels at once?”

Speaking of different grade levels, this is what our littlest student does during math class.


Or he does this.


Basically, two versions of the same thing.

He makes enormous messes!

On a good day, we clean them up, before we move on to the next subject.

Most days are not good days.

Most days, it looks like a toy store threw up all over our house.

We just ignore it, and move on to the next subject.


This is History class.

They are no longer around the school table.

When we first started homeschooling, I wanted it to be so much like regular school. Everyone showered, dressed, and sitting at the table like little princes.

Turns out, that was not our best way to learn. Go figure.

Now, we often do Math at the school table, History on living room couches. Then, one kid will go to his room to do his Literature reading, while the other is practices reading in her room. We go all over the place. We’ve even done Spelling tests on the trampoline.

It is also important to point out that some days, we feel the need to draw a goatee and mustache on our face.


We all have our different learning styles.


2 thoughts on “When Dad Teaches

  1. You are never “done” with school! By the way, brain science and research bear you out – learning happens better when you shift places and subjects. Good to see you posting again. Maybe it’ll prompt me to write more regularly. Gordon Hultberg

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