This Week in Fuzzy Phone Pics

It’s Friday! Which means it’s time to link up our phone pics. This is such a fun way to see all the stuff that happened this week!
We started off with a jam-packed Sunday. Two of our little friends had an awesome birthday party. These were some gifts the kids and I made. (I don’t have pics of the other present, but I will probably share the poem Roc wrote for it. It was really fun!)20130215-085647.jpg

We made these awesome jet packs at the party. This little guy wore his the whole time. The cuteness killed me. 20130215-085809.jpg

There were these super cute cupcakes!20130215-085909.jpg
<br /
We sat at the kid table with these lovely ladies. It was surprisingly comfortable. 20130215-090115.jpg

Then we went to hang out with some student. One of them had these batman socks! They had capes!20130215-090218.jpg

This happened one day. This never happens. Normally, he is the energizer bunny baby. He just keeps going and going. 20130215-090342.jpg

Then there was Valentine’s Day.


And, someone found his jet pack again.


Now, that I see them all together. I realize that I need to get better at taking snapshots of our days, but I don’t want to become a tourist of my own life, either.

How do you capture memories while still engaging the moment? Any tips for me?

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