This Week: Healthier Habits and Sweet Moments

It’s Friday! Time to share some phone pics of our week.

IMG_3492Everyone loves when we have salad bar. Seriously.

It’s kind of weird, but the kids love salad this way.

I just chop up all the veggies and put them in this container. It has a lid. So, I can put it back in the fridge, and we can keep pulling it out ’til it’s all gone.


Can you tell we are trying to get back to healthier eating?

It really is my fault when the kids eat unhealthy snacks. If I slice up cucumber sticks, or just wash up a bunch of big carrots, they will eat them.

IMG_3482We have a bunch of high school students that we love. This one likes to pull silly pranks, like hiding the baby.

In a friend’s sweatshirt.

And, running around the back of the church.

In the rain.

I wonder why he didn’t enjoy this?


My boys like to get active between home school classes.


This one desperately needed a nap.


A little Narnia action before bed.

This was The Silver Chair.

Hope your week was full of goodness!

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