Day One: 31 Days Relishing Hope

31 Days Relishing Hope. Because we want hope to fill our days.

Welcome! This is my landing page for 31 Days Relishing Hope. Through the month of October, I’ll be adding a link to every post here. So, if you want to read day one, scroll down. Thanks for visiting! So good to have you!

Day Two: Cherishing with Anticipation

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Day Eight: Helen Keller, A Life of Hope

Day Nine: Life Lessons from Helen Keller

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Day Thirteen: When All Around My Soul Gives Way

Day Fourteen: One Who Stands in the Thick of the Whole Thing

Day Fifteen: A Lot of Hope is Dangerous

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Day Seventeen: Stories of Hope

Day Eighteen: When Things Crowd In

Day Twenty-One: In Case You Find Yourself Looking for Hope Today

Day Twenty-Three: Going on a Hope Hunt

Day Twenty-Four: We’re Squinting in a Fog

Day Twenty-Seven: How Did You Get That?

Day Thirty-One: When Trusting Brings Hope

Because hope takes muscle and discipline. Hope is not soft. It is in the underlining of every athletic uniform. It is in the steel girding of all the magnificent bridges. It is in the pause of the Nobel Laureate’s comma.

It is the reason the jockey brings his horse to the gate. It is the reason the exhausted parent stays up to watch the newborn breathe. It is the beginning of all the hard things ever done, ever.

I am not an expert hoper. I get weary and my hope starts to slip away, until I am left with the ache of carrying too many burdensome days. Do you know that ache? Have you ever reached for the snooze button, hope depleted, with the weight of too many days already on your shoulders?

For the next 31 days, I want to explore Hope. What is it? How do we keep it alive? Who did it well? I would love to have you join me as we learn all we can about hoping!