My love is luxurious

IMG_3619 This chica just started dance lessons.

She could not be more excited. It was all she could talk about for a week. When we went to get her shoes and dance wear, she acted as if she had received an invitation to the palace. She was beaming sunshine and smiles.

It was so fun to watch her love something so completely. IMG_3615

As I peeked through the blinds, I saw my daughter with straight back and graceful hands calling something out of her depths. Her nose crinkled and her eyebrows rose, as she asked her self for brand new focus, and her body for brand new moves. With every successful attempt, something solidified in her. She became more and more steady.

It’s been a couple days now, but this steadiness is still present. At first, my mother’s heart groaned at the maturity this could represent. But as I’ve forced myself to sit with it, I recognize it as something else, something familiar.To be known and to be loved. To be given a gift that speaks directly to your heart, to a place that you didn’t know existed until his light came near. To be treasured.

My girlie might not dance later in life. This might not become her “thing.” But, this gift, the chance to do and explore in this way, has spoken directly to her heart. It whispers, on her heavenly father’s behalf,

“You are my treasure.”

“I delight in you.”

“My love is luxurious.”


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