This Week

Hello. It’s been a while. Life got a little crazy and pulled me away. Instead of making excuses, I’m just going to jump right in! Besides, if you’ve found this place, you probably know me in real life so there is no reason to play catch up.

New this week:


We found these guys.

They were rapping.

While wearing Statue of Liberty costumes.

They want you to know it’s tax time.

Did I mention that they were rapping?


These two are both growing new front teeth.

Mateo is not impressed with his sister’s efforts.

Probably because she is showing off.

Probably because his cheeks are so much rounder.

Probably because his diaper needed changing.

Screen shot 2013-02-01 at 11.27.30 AM

This girl is ADDICTED to My Fair Wedding with David Tutera.

She always dresses up to watch it.

In a princess dress.

She was giving me a very detailed recap.

And, this is happening all the time now.

In fact, he’s improved a lot over the last few days.

Too much.

We don’t have enough baby gates.

I’m linking up here:

life rearranged


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