That Time We Overdid Halloween

Our Halloween started in the beginning of the month at Disneyland. The kids were on fall break, so we took our family vacation. I told them I wanted one good picture with the castle and their costumes. Easier said than done. I got about 20 shots like this one.


This was the best we could do. Mickey’s Halloween Party! We highly recommend it. The kids had tons of fun!


Jon and I had a little grown up Halloween fun at a murder mystery party with our friends. It was set in the 1920’s in Chicago. Jon was a gangster and I was a lounge singer.


The kids also wore their costumes to hospice to cheer up their great grandma.


Then we had our annual carving party with our family. Of course, I only have this blurry camera pic to show you.

photo-2 copy

Then after a month of wearing our costumes out, we made it to Halloween and trick-or-treating! Our nephew has had his birthday party on Halloween night for the past couple of years. We all go over to their house and all of the aunts and uncles follow the littles around the neighborhood, while all of the Jr high kids go trick-or-treating on their own.

IMG_5671My sweet girl helped one of her little cousins through most of the night.

IMG_5666They were the cutest!

IMG_5679My little football did pretty well too. He loved this house.

IMG_5676They were showing It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown in the driveway, and they had puppies to pet! He did not want to leave. We caught a few glimpses of our big kid too.


I don’t know when Halloween became such a big holiday for us, but we celebrated it all month long. Hope you had some good family fun too!