Day Four: Fresh Hope

Open a window to hope. 31 Days Relishing Hope

The other day, I had one of those medical tests that just seem to be apart of living in our modern world. The technician was a lovely woman who bubbled cheerful conversation and took such great care with me. In the moment where I was starting to feel claustrophobic and a bit panicky, she made a little joke about something completely off subject. She probably didn’t know I was about to panic on her, or maybe she did, but it made all the difference in the world. I was immediately able to relax.

You see, I had a similar, though less invasion test a few months before. That technician was not friendly or cheerful. In fact, he made troubling sighs as he did his tasks, making me feel like something was desperately wrong.

What a difference between these two experiences! The simple gift of cheerful banter and a hopeful story about her granddaughter completely changed my perspective. She wasn’t flippant in her conversation. No promises were made. She didn’t irresponsibly give me information about what she was seeing in the tests. But her cheery disposition and kindness opened a window. A window to hope.

Don’t you want to be a window opener? Helen Keller once wrote, “Who shall dare let his incapacity for hope or goodness cast a shadow upon the courage of those who bear their burdens as if they were privileges?” It can work both ways. My lovely technician was shining brightly through her everyday tasks as though they were privileges. I was blessed by her and immediately wanted to reciprocate, because a fresh breeze of hope was flowing through that exam room on both of us.


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