Do you always flip your cushions to the good side?

I’ve spent the better part of today cleaning a love seat that I rescued from a moving neighbor. It’s so cute, and funky, and vintage. It’s probably as old as I am with its bright yellow and green leafy pattern. I’m in love with it!

As I was cleaning both sides of the cushions, I noticed that both cushions, have a newer, less stained side. The side you would flip over for company. But I wanted to clean both sides. Partly, because my children throw cushions on the floor for play and fort building. But also, I because I wanted the entire couch to be clean and good smelling. Then, I thought that I would like to keep the “not-so-good” side of the cushions up, most of the time. That way, I won’t have to worry about the kids and all the havoc a family of five can wreak.

This got me thinking, do I live the kind of life where my good side, my company side, always has to be flipped out? Or, do I have a comfier, more well worn side, that I can switch to when I’m in the company of family and close friends? With the cushions, it seems like a whole lot of responsibility to keep the good side good. And, what is the point of that?

Since I’ve devoted my whole day to cleaning the couch, I can tell you that it is all equally clean. This is really just more of an image thing, a pride thing, if you will. Of course, there is nothing intrinsically wrong with the good sides of the cushions. In fact, the hospitable thing is to put them out for company. I always want to give my company the best that we have to offer, out of love. But, I heard a warning from my funky, cute couch.


If I always need to have the good side up, I will be exhausted. Just like the poor cushions. The good side will get so worn and need more cleaning. But, if I take the time to let down, and flip my cushions to the comfier “no-pressure” side, I will be living more of the kind of life I want to live. The life where it is okay to build forts and play. How about you? Is it hard to let your more worn side out?


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