Once in a lifetime event

Okay, that’s what my son was calling it.  Maybe where you live this happens all the time, but for us cityfolk it was quite exciting.

When we got to the cabin, we saw a teeny, tiny nest resting on the dinner bell that hangs from the porch.  I mean, tiny!  It was about 1 1/2 inches across, at the most.  We were wondering what could live in a nest that small.  Then a hummingbird flew through the trees nearby and seemed to be checking us out.  We got very excited.  I had never seen a hummingbird sitting still.  It seemed momentous.

At first, she didn’t want to get close to the humans.  Can you blame her?  We also had our 70 pound black lab running around.  It was all very intimidating, I’m sure.  I warned the kids that she might stay away since we had invaded her space, but they were not deterred.  They were on hummingbird alert.

Then, this happened:
And she didn’t leave.  For days.  Well, it seemed that way.  She would fly away to get small things, every once and a while.  Jon and the kids took a peek in her nest and found 2 pink jellybean sized eggs inside.  So exciting!  I tried to sneak a peek and almost got divebombed.  She came out of nowhere.  She did NOT want me anywhere near her nest, so I backed away with my hands up.  Isn’t that the universal I’m safe sign?  Or is it, I don’t have any weapons?  Again, we are cityfolk.

It might not have been a once in a lifetime event, but we were so glad to have witnessed it.  We went up to the cabin for few days of rest and refreshment, and there was something so lovely about looking up and seeing a hummingbird sitting in a nest.  They are the ones that never stop and always have somewhere to be, but this particular hummingbird’s job was to sit still.  I took my cues from her.


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