when there is too much fun

Blogging three times a week? Ha! You know when you think you are cooler than you actually are, and you think you can do more than you actually can? That pretty much sums up my life.:) I always, without fail, bite off more than I can chew. Not really because I think I’m cool, but because I don’t think I have to do the normal things, like sleep and eat.

Well, guess what?  I do have to sleep and eat.  I know, that was a surprise to me too. For the last couple weeks, Jon and I have been working on a VBS program for the kids at an amazing church here in the valley.  We had so much fun, but every night and every morning, I had aches and pains in places I didn’t realize existed.  That never happened when I was a kiddo in my twenties!  My body is getting older. You should have seen the amount of vitamins I started taking every night.  I’ve turned into my father!  For the record, they totally worked.  If your body is changing on you, I recommend hitting the vitamin aisle.

Our kids were troopers, but we wore them out too.  Here’s a pic of my 5yr. old after a day of VBS:


Poor, overstimulated, balloon wearing, drive thru fed children.  My daughter ate 4 donuts on Saturday.  My son ate 4 sno cones.  It will take us weeks to detox from this.;)  We are “trying” to take it easy this week.  I’m not quite sure we’re succeeding, but I’ve slept in ’til 7:00 for three days in a row.  I’ll celebrate the small successes.




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