the things no one else will tell you about having little people in your life

baby Angelina Jolie

my littlest person, back when she was little

One day, you will take off your shoes and put them exactly where they live in your closet. Then later that day you will look there and the left one will be missing. You will search the entire house for it, only to find it under a dresser in the bedroom down the hall. Do not feel like you are going crazy. You DID put it away. You DID NOT put it under the dresser in the other bedroom.

One day, you will be going through a security check point and you will not have kids with you. The security guard will pull: a pair of underwear, a yo-yo, and a half eaten lollipop, out of your purse, for a whole line of people to see. Do not explain. Just smile.

One day, you will be cleaning out the backseat of your vehicle only to find an entire uneaten bag of french fries under the seat. Do not ask yourself how long it has been there. Do not lecture/question your kids about it. It will happen again. It is completely out of everyone’s control.

One day, your littlest person will walk down the hall to you in your very expensive, most favorite pair of high heel boots, wrecking the heels and making them wobbly for all time, and you will only laugh and take pictures.

One day, you will find a little girl in your bathroom smearing designer make up all over her knees and elbows. Do not yell. It is a rite of passage. It’s supposed to be expensive.

One day, you will make every bed in the house, turn around and find every bed in the house unmade. You are not going crazy. Do not remake them. Make the little people do it. Do NOT remake them. It is okay to have sheets on top of the blankets, for one day.

One day, you will be at your lowest low, and out of the blue, two little arms will hug your neck and tears will pour down your cheeks and a very little person will tell you, “Don’t cry. It will be alright.” Do NOT disregard their advice, because they are little. Do not tell them they don’t understand. They understand better than you do in that moment.

One day, you will find a stick of butter in a closet. It’s best to just pretend this never happened.

One day, a little person you are responsible for, will lift up her skirt while on a stage, say a cuss word to one of your pastors, or tell people you really love alcohol. Do not let this define you.

One day, you will sit and write about all the ways that your little people drive you crazy, and mess up your stuff, and you will realize what they have taught you: People matter most.  Deadlines, stuff, looking like a good person are all irrelevant. Live well with your people. Give them all the love you have in you.


One thought on “the things no one else will tell you about having little people in your life

  1. My little one loves to put my shoes in the storage space of his little car. Actually he will put almost anything that fits in there. If it doesn’t fit after slamming and shoving it he throws it lol. He’s also the first one to touch my face if he sees me cry and just say mama

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