For the Love of the Ocean– The Tutorial

So, now that you’ve read through my sappy sentimentalism, I think it’s time for a little tutorial.

Wear comfy layers.  It will be hot, cold, and windy all in the same day.


Pack a lunch and snacks.  It gets hungry out there, and you won’t want to leave once you’re settled. This is the perfect time to use disposables. That way you can throw everything away while you’re still there.


Expect to get gross.  It’s just more fun that way.  You wouldn’t worry about getting muddy while you were splashing through puddles, why would you worry about little sand and saltwater?

Source: via Lisa on Pinterest


Put your two year old daughter in a two piece bathing suit, regardless of what your husband says about modesty.  On the 5th trip to the porta-potty, he will thank you for it.

Source: via Stephane on Pinterest


Always look for shells!  And, don’t forget to look for sea glass, driftwood, and really cool rocks while you’re at it.  Do NOT bring home seaweed!  It will only smell worse.  It will not “air out.”

Or, just ignore everything I just said and do it your way.:)  Like, you needed my help!  What’s your favorite way to enjoy the beach?


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