For the Love of the Ocean


Last week, I went on a little trip to LA.  It was supposed to be a writing/visiting trip, but unfortunately I got a really gross stomach flu and was out of commission for most of it.  But, that’s not what I wanted to share with you.:)  On Thursday, I got to go to the beach!  It was only a brief visit, but oh, how lovely it was!  As I drove up over the hill, the endless blue waves were sitting there, right where they have always been.  I literally gasped.  I didn’t realize how much I had missed it.  My heart was so filled with gratitude in that moment.

Now, I want to take some time for those of us that don’t quite get the love of the ocean.  We’ve all seen the Corona commercials with the quiet hush of the waves and the sand sticking to suntanned legs, so I think we can all agree that the sun and sand make for a great vacation destination.  But, I have heard many of you, and I won’t mention names, complain about the tiny little rocks or say, “It’s sort of just a big lake, right?”

In honor of my ocean, this week, I will give you this California girl’s glimpse of the love.  The love that will pay twice the rent.  The love that just has to see it every once and a while.  The love that can overlook sand in the sandwiches.;)


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