Our Love to You

So, we didn’t do Christmas cards this year because we were moving and life was crazy, but instead we worked on a little valentine to send out to our friends and family on Valentine’s Day.  Our friends and family are Ah-mazing and they put up with a lot from us because we are kind of all over the place, so we really wanted to find a way to say, “We love you!  We couldn’t do life without you.”
The alternate title for this little movie is Look What You Can Do with an Iphone, because we just used what we had on hand. We also filmed in our cave of a kitchen.  Hmm, not exactly sure why. But, all that really matters is that we wanted to show some love.

Which brings me to my I-know-it’s-not-Valentine’s-day-point, thank you for stopping by this little corner of internet!  We love having you!  I know most of you are the friends and family, I mentioned above, but in case you aren’t, I just want to say, “Welcome!  Our casa es su casa.”  If you ever have questions, comment or email, we’d love to hear from you!


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