Missionary man

He’s such a good husband and dad that sometimes, I forget that there is this part of him as well.

jon gray shirt

This is what he loves.

jon groups

This is a part of his life that reminds him that he is uniquely made and called to a purpose.

jon hand game

As his partner in life, I want to protect this space for him.  I want to encourage his heart in the things he is passionate about.  I want to help  make it possible for him to extend himself, fully, to those who are hurting.  And I want to, not only, sustain the homefront but make it a soft place for him to land.

jon brown shirts

It is an incredible honor and privilege to do this for this man.  I fail miserably sometimes, but it is my prayer that I can learn to love better, uphold better, and hold dreams better as we continue to journey together.


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