gifts from my mom

Some of the wonderful things I have learned from my mother:

Before your feet hit the floor, start the day with prayer ♥ Buy flowers ♥ Don’t be afraid to stand strong, regardless of circumstance or popularity ♥ Write ♥ Care for others ♥ Give special care to those who are older than you ♥  It’s okay when people mispronounce your name ♥ Give sacrificially ♥ Food from all over the world is yummy ♥ Children are precious and should be adored ♥ Thrift stores are wonderful ♥ Try new things ♥ Live in humility ♥ Put a little powder on your nose ♥ Find value in things others can’t ♥ Always accessorize ♥ Love the Lord with all your heart, soul, and mind.

Happy Mother’s Day!  I love you Mom!



One thought on “gifts from my mom

  1. Kitty,
    I love you,too, more than you can ever know. I almost think, I am prone to believe, I am inclined to be convinced that your Dad and I may have done a few things right in parenting because we raised such a gracious daughter as you (with a whole lot of prayers). Trust you had a very blessed Mother’s day, too! Much love.

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