Because it’s Friday

I’m going to share some fun things I’ve found:

Source: via Kristy on Pinterest


I think I need this to be my new writing hat! This would make me feel very creative.


This is done with black ballpoint pen. I love how artists will create beauty with whatever they have.


My husband needs one of these maps, but then he might become obsessed. He already obsesses about things like his passport. You should have been there when they added pages to his passport. He looked at it like it was a brand new baby. I gave them a moment to be alone together.

Source: via Kristy on Pinterest


This one is just for the cheese factor. Because, I’m cheesy. Because, you’re cheesy. Somewhere deep inside of you. And, because I want to be the one to say this to you today. Even though, it’s cheesy.

I also want to say this. I love you and love having you in my life! I feel confident telling you this, because, well, only my friends and family know to come here. If by some random chance of fate you stumbled upon this post today, I send love to you as well! We all need love and there is plenty to go around. Have a REALLY great weekend, friends!


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