It’s never too late


What would you like to learn to do?  There are so many different options, now that we have the internet.  I’ve always been a big nerd.  No, not in the useful way.  I was the kid that wanted to take the basket weaving class, or embroidery class, or learn how to do origami.  Although in eighth grade, I made a very large, funny looking crane and all my friends laughed at it.  They hung all our cranes from the ceiling and every time we entered the room, someone would yell, “There’s Kristy’s bloated crane!”  It really was.  Even I would laugh at it.

If you enjoy learning lots of random things, you have to get over looking cool.  My parents didn’t believe in dancing, so I never took dance as a kid.  Then, when I was in college I had to pick 4 PE courses, so I took all dance classes.  I did not look cool.  I looked very uncool and I was in a leotard.  Every new semester, when I showed up, the professor (we only had one dance professor at our small college) would look at me and smile and say something like, “Kristy, you’re in this one too?”  I would laugh.  “Yup!”  I have very fond memories of this professor.  She was so sweet with me, even though it was obvious I was not a dancer.

The fun thing for all of us is that we don’t have to dress in a leotard in front of 15 other people to learn something new.  We can just go online.  There are youtube tutorials for just about anything!  There are online classes and seminars.  There are websites that help you learn other languages.  It’s the Golden Age of learning obscure things!

But, you should absolutely sign up for in-person classes, as well.  I would love to tell you that I wised up since my dancing days in college, but, no.  Just a couple years ago, the pool where my kids took swimming lessons offered adult swimming classes.  I’m as good a swimmer as I am a dancer.  So, I signed up!  I traded my leotard in for a bathing suit, and failed miserably at the backstroke.  It was awesome.


One thought on “It’s never too late

  1. Right on, Kitty! Your mother first put on ice skates at 40; went to paralegal training at 53; started seminary at 63; was learning German and published her first book at 69! It is never too late to get educated nor to venture out on a new experience. Luv you.

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