What’s in the case?

Hey all!  It’s time to play that game again.  Alright, so I have some REALLY practical friends and they want clues, and they want something real to guess at.  I get that.  So, I will give clues, AND also embrace creativity.  Guess whatever you want to guess.  Play within your comfort level.  ALL guesses will count as an entry and I will figure out how to use random.org.  That’s right!  Guess as many times as you want (See, I can still reward creativity.), just use a separate comment for every guess.  Then Mr.random.org will pick a winner!

This week you are playing for:

These little mushrooms!  I stitched love into them myself.

They have these cute fabrics underneath.

As a mom, I feel the need to say that these are decorative and would not make good toys, for kids at least.  They have cute, but deadly buttons on top and are filled with paper to give them their scrunchy goodness, and cannot be drooled upon.  They are just to keep the wonder alive!

So, here are the clues to what’s inside:

1.  These are entertainment for Cat ladies and their cats .

2.  This scene in Camelot makes me want to make these.  In fact, I really can’t think of these without this song coming into my head.  (I know, I’m a 60yr.old woman in a 30 something body.)

Happy Guessing!  I will post inside pics tomorrow.

P.S. I’m so sorry about all the bad photo quality.  We are a camera-less family and do as best as we can with our phones.  Thank you for understanding!


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