Oh, you all are SO creative!  Thank you so much for your thoughtful and imaginative answers.  Reading through your wonderful stories was so fun.  It sort of makes today’s reveal a little anti-climactic.  I wish there were tiny little people, or hidden worlds, in the little white case.  Instead, I give you. . .

Cupcakes!  I know, it’s sort of like watching the movie after reading the book–not as cool.  But let me explain, I have a mild obsession with sweets right now, because I gave them up for Lent.  These little paper favor boxes are as close I get to the real thing.

So, I’ve just been staring at them.

But, now onto the important stuff!

The winner of yesterday’s What’s in the Case? is Ben, who said:

Sherpas. A whole band of Sherpas. But they’re tiny, you see? The tallest is only three inches tall, barely. They’re scaling Mount Kilamonchairo to be the first group ever to scale this chair. This box is their half-way base camp. They’ve made it up the legs in only six days and now they rest for their attempts at the summit.

Fortunately, the case provides them with ample cover, food, and water to rest away from the elements. Tomorrow Durgin Norgay with his small team of three will attempt the Western Summit. They saw some small burrs of wood near the inside of one of the back posts that will allow them to make it up to the top more easily, at least they think so. Tomorrow, when you open the case for them we shall see if they make it and become International Heroes. Good Luck Durgin!

I mean, C’mon!  That’s good stuff right there.  I was thinking about the sherpas all night, wondering how they were faring.  Congratulations, Ben!  You are the winner of a cute little tote bag (to give to your wife or daughter, I presume) and a moustache keychain!  I’ll email you for your address.

But, to those of you who didn’t win this time, don’t worry.  We will be back next Tuesday.  And, I probably shouldn’t show you these, but, I’m too excited about them!  Next Tuesday, you will be guessing for these cute little mushrooms.

Have a great Wednesday!





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