What’s in the case? with Prizes!

What’s in the case?

This is the game where I put random objects (of which, I have many) in a cute little white case and people guess at what they are.  This week we have prizes!  Now, since What’s in the case? was created because there wasn’t enough whimsy in my life, that is how I will be awarding the prize.  Most creative answer wins!  For example, a good guess would be: a miniature giraffe sitting on a tufted satin pillow (anyone know the commercial?).  A bad guess would be:  a camping stove.  Every new guess is a new entry.  Your only limitation is your own imagination.

So our prizes today are a cute little tote bag, sewn by me

and a moustache keychain to go inside it, because it’s bad luck to give someone an empty bag, or is that a wallet?  Or maybe it’s just because you never know when you will need a disguise.  Your guess at my silly game could save your life someday.  🙂

Here is the case, with its objects safely locked inside.  What could possibly be in there?  Think outside of the box.  Hahaha, I crack myself up.  Okay, good luck.  I’ll be back tomorrow to post the inside pictures and the winner!



23 thoughts on “What’s in the case? with Prizes!

  1. a tiny little man doing sexy brazilian fight dancing on the beach in the nude being questioned by the police….or a severed head…

  2. Jon put me up to this. 🙂

    Here are a few: “Kristy, What’s in the case!? What’s in the Case!?” – Brad Pitt, Se7en

  3. ***Heuristic Analysis***

    A medium small white travel, possibly jewelry case with a handle and a small lock placed on a finely made chair before a faded painted fence gate that is locked.

    Networked AI analysis with Watson from IBM and Cleverbot have determined that the object within the case at a 87.43% certainty is:

    1. Air
    2. Water vapor
    3. Dust particles
    4. An earring back
    5. A paper receipt.
    6. A 1967 edition of Stephanie Meyer’s “Just So Stories.”

  4. That is disturbing . . . creative but disturbing. I’m not sure that fits with the whimsical theme of “What’s in the case?”.

      • OMG! You reminded me of the scariest person I ever saw on the beach evar! I was the beach in Santa Barbara just down from the peer, near where they had installed those volleyball nets, and a Brazilian family was there enjoying the surf and sand.

        I think it was me, Scott my roommate (sophomore year), and like Ben Lassonde, Josh Roby, and a few other guys and girls. This guy had the tiniest pinkest speedo EVER. I swear it was a thong. He was also possibly the hairiest person I’ve ever seen, except he’d waxed just his chest (but not his back!?). And he had a massive gut that hid the front of his speedos so it looked like he wasn’t wearing anything. @_@ He hit on every single woman that came within 20 yards of him.


  5. A cat collar, maybe. But not just any cat’s collar. It is the collar of Schrodinger’s infamous cat that exists both alive and dead perpetually within the unopened box.

    It is said that Schrodinger himself removed the collar right before he placed ‘Muffins’ inside the box and then placed the collar inside this small unassuming travel case as a sort of control for his experiment. But no one but Schrodinger knows for sure, and well, he’s dead now. No one has had the courage to open the case yet, until now!

    Some say that opening the case will cause the next leap forward in human understanding and evolution. That we will no longer be just human anymore, but something more. Others claim that to open the box will be like Pandora opening her box and all the evils of the world will flow forth and End the World. Still others have many various claims of all sorts ranging from a plethora of rabbits lost by magicians, lost left socks, and finally a small but vocal minority that claim it is nothing but a moldy old cat collar inside.

    But now you, Kristy! You have the courage to open the case! What will we find inside!? Only one of our great thinkers of the age knows, and well he’s dead.

    Good luck Kristy, and Godspeed.

  6. One last idea before I get back to work:

    Sherpas. A whole band of Sherpas. But they’re tiny, you see? The tallest is only three inches tall, barely. They’re scaling Mount Kilamonchairo to be the first group ever to scale this chair. This box is their half-way base camp. They’ve made it up the legs in only six days and now they rest for their attempts at the summit.

    Fortunately, the case provides them with ample cover, food, and water to rest away from the elements. Tomorrow Durgin Norgay with his small team of three will attempt the Western Summit. They saw some small burrs of wood near the inside of one of the back posts that will allow them to make it up to the top more easily, at least they think so. Tomorrow, when you open the case for them we shall see if they make it and become International Heroes. Good Luck Durgin!

  7. A hand mirror, reflecting the image of a seashell. The shell is actually inside an entirely different box in an old lady’s attic, but if you hold the mirror up to your ear, you can hear the noise of the waves on the beach at Hawksnest Bay, on St. John, U.S.V.I.
    Were you to find the other box and look at the seashell, you would see the reflection of Schrodinger’s cat.

  8. Ohh.. I just read the rules. Color me stupid.

    There is nothing in the box, and everything. It is not really a box, but a facade. It is a three dimensional feature stuck on the end of a four dimensional cork, plugging a hole that digs kata through the barrier between this dimension, and the fourth. Opening the box in its three dimensional structure moves simple gears that are attached in a fourth dimensional direction, sliding the hypercube that the chair the box sits on is attached to. This moves the chair, the box, the entire room, through this direction we can not perceive. Closing the box again moves you back through, back into our three dimensional world. But, not to the same place. You may end up here on Earth, someplace else, displaced on our face of the great hypercube the box is part of. Or, you may be moved past an angle, to another face of the cube, before being returned to three dimensional space. You would find yourself on a different world, perhaps in this universe, with the laws of physics you are used to, perhaps in another realm altogether, with different rules to live by. And if you spend enough time practicing, you might, MIGHT, learn just how far to open the box, just what SLIGHT inching of the lid would carry you back to the place that, years before you opened that damnable box, you called home.

  9. There is a little mini mother (from the Littles Family) taking a bath in a little mini bath. In the bath is liquid chocolate and the mother is wondering if she made the best choice for her last wish.

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