Just One of His Kids

My husband is in Haiti this week.  On his first day in the country, he witnessed an awful fatal accident, learned that the rumors about protests and political unrest were true, and found out that a large amount of the people who were coming to their training seminar would not be able to make it.  Not the greatest day for him.  I did what I normally do when my heart is burdened, got the word out to friends who pray.

Guess what happened!  Things started to turn around.  We were worried about the announcement of the presidential election results, and how that would affect getting out of the country.  Well, the announcement was postponed until after my husband leaves the country!  And, not only that but the talk of protesting and violence has quieted down.  We were worried about how they had to cancel the last day of the seminar because of low attendance, but instead, God gave them an opportunity to work in a tent city with kids!  He emailed that it was such a great time.  The kids loved the games and made connections with some of the seminar students.  How incredible is that?

One of the seminar students working with the kids


But, do you know what my first thought was?  I felt silly for emailing all those people on Tuesday.  I realize how ridiculous that sounds, but I thought, “Oh no, I didn’t have to bother all those people.”  When in actuality, things probably turned around because all those “bothered” people were praying.  How stuck I get in my own self, and idea of self-sufficiency!

Well, after I laughed with God about my crazy human short-sightedness, I was overwhelmed with gratitude.  In the midst of busy schedules and the rush of everyday life, friends and family came before the throne of God to ask on our behalf.  And, then the God of the universe answered our prayers!  Ha, doesn’t that just floor you sometimes?

My ridiculousness humbled me.  It showed me that no matter how old I get and how many things I get to participate in with God, I am still just a dumb kid that needs the correction of a Heavenly Father.  Oh, what incredible patience He has with me! With all of us. (:

If you are a person who prays, would you consider lifting up Haiti today?  There are still so many needs and so much instability.  And, if you would like to hear about the work my husband is involved in, you can go to www.carecorps.org.



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