Time for another Round

What’s in the case?

This is the game where I put random objects (of which, I have many) in a cute little white case and people guess what they are.

Here is the case, with its objects safely locked inside.  Can you figure it out?  I’ll give you a couple of hints.  You have already seen these.  No, not the buttons.  Not in the case.  You’ve seen these here on the blog, sort of.  You’ve also seen them if you have ever been in a bathroom of mine.  (From Virginia to California, actually even before that)  Start the guessing!

I’ll be back later today to post the inside pictures.  Good luck.



4 thoughts on “Time for another Round

      • *sigh* i was not close. candles and tiny bottles are not in the same family. but your encouraging comment makes me want to keep up the guessing.

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