Remedial Elementary School

My children, and their books, teach me new things everyday.  Here are some of my latests discoveries:

1.  Did you know that stretched out your blood vessels would extend over 93,000 miles?

I sure didn’t.

2.  Early on in Egypt’s history, it was split into two kingdoms: Upper Egypt and Lower Egypt.  What’s funny is that Lower Egypt was in the northern part of the country and Upper Egypt was in the southern part.  They got their names based on the flow of the Nile.  Lower Egypt was down river, and at a lower elevation, from Upper Egypt.

I feel like my sense of direction and lack of spacial understanding would have been appreciated in Ancient Egypt.  I was born in the wrong time.

3.  Do you know about Dorodango?  It is a Japanese art form using mud.  The mud/dirt is molded to create beautiful polished balls.

We learned about this one from Mythbusters.  We have already decided that we will be learning/practicing this art form during Spring Break.  How long until we have a mudslinging battle?  I give it 15 mins. tops.

4.  When Dr. Thomas Harvey dissected Albert Einstein’s brain, after he died of course, he found that it weighed less than average, but there were more neurons in the cerebral cortex (gray matter).  Also, “they found unusual grooves in the part of the brain–the parietal lobe–that deals with mathematical reasoning.”

We have been referring to learning as “wrinkling your brain”, ever since.

5.  Do you know what a ford is?  According to Webster’s, a ford is a place where a river or other body of water is shallow enough to be crossed by wading.

This was an important discovery, because in Kidnapped, Mr. Campbell walks Davey to the ford, and I was pretty sure that they were not talking about a Mustang.

I know, what you’re thinking.  Why would they ever allow that ridiculous woman to educate her children?  I have no idea.  My poor children.  When your kids are in college, and that random kid in the back of the class raises his hand to say, “Did you know that {insert random and obscure fact}?”  It will be one of my kids.  Then your kid will roll his eyes.  Sort of like, how you’re rolling your eyes now.  It’s the legacy I pass down to my children.

Sources of information: Body, An amazing tour of human anatomy, by Richard Walker, The Story of the World, Vol.1, by Susan Wise Bauer, Wikipedia, MythBusters, Webster’s Dictionary


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