I Rise Today

Sometimes on a Monday morning, I need someone else’s words to get me going.  Today, I wanted to share St.Patrick’s Breastplate.  I love this piece/prayer because of it’s completeness.  He really doesn’t leave anything out, including the spells cast by women.  (Haha.  Yeah, I was offended for a second too, and then I remembered that women cast spells all the time.  We write books, movies, commercials celebrating this attribute.  And, he was a priest, after all.  The man needed protection! ;))

I’ve read a little bit about St.Patrick and his ministry.  He, like his prayer, gave everything there was to give in surrender to God.  He is just the person to lead us into this new week. Ha, especially with St.Patrick’s Day right around the corner!  Seriously, didn’t plan that.

St. Patrick’s Breastplate

I rise today

in power’s strength, invoking the Trinity,

believing in threeness,

confessing the oneness,

of creations Creator.


I rise today

in the power of Christ’s birth and baptism,

in the power of his crucifixion and burial,

in the power of his rising and ascending,

in the power of his descending and judging.


I rise today

in the power of the love of cherubim,

in the obedience of angels,

and service of archangels,

in hope of rising to receive the reward,

in the prayers of the patriarchs,

in the predictions of the prophets,

in the preaching of the apostles,

in the faith of the confessors,

in the innocence of holy virgins,

in the deeds of the righteous.


I rise today

with the power of God to pilot me,

God’s strength to sustain me,

God’s wisdom to guide me,

God’s eye to look ahead for me,

God’s ear to hear me,

God’s word to speak for me,

God’s hand to protect me,

God’s way before me,

God’s shield to defend me.

God’s host to deliver me;

from snares of devils,

from evil temptations,

from nature’s failings,

from all who wish to harm me,

far or near,

alone and in a crowd.


Around me I gather today all these powers

against every cruel and merciless force

to attack my body and soul,

against the charms of false prophets,

the black laws of paganism,

the false laws of heretics,

the deceptions of idolatry

against spells cast by women, smiths, and druids

and all unlawful knowledge

that harms body and soul.


May Christ protect me today

against poison and burning,

against drowning and wounding,

so that I may have abundant reward;

Christ with me, Christ before me, Christ behind me;

Christ within me, Christ beneath me, Christ above me;

Christ in my lying, Christ in my sitting, Christ in my rising;

Christ in the heart of all who think of me,

Christ on the tongue of all who speak to me,

Christ in the eye of all who see me,

Christ in the ear of all who hear me.


I rise today

in power’s strength, invoking the Trinity,

believing in threeness,

confessing the oneness,

of creation’s Creator.

For to the Lord belongs salvation,

and to the Lord belongs salvation,

and to the Christ belongs salvation.

May your salvation, Lord, be with us always.


I found St.Patrick’s Breastplate in The Celtic Way of Evangelism, How Christianity Can Reach the West. . . Again by George G. Hunter.  And the image of St.Patrick is from here


2 thoughts on “I Rise Today

  1. I gave our friend Susan Berrend a bracelet with a portion of this prayer; as far as I know we have been immune to spellcasting by either sex ever since!

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