The coldest winter I ever saw. . .

was the summer I spent in San Francisco. –Mark Twain

Things that don’t feel like summer:

1.  Fog!  Blankets and blankets of fog, laying on top of mountains and skyscrapers and bridges.

2.  Fuzzy socks

3.  Ongoing Math assignments, that we didn’t finish during our school year.

4.  Finding time to workout, every day.

5.  Being controlled by the potty watch.  (If you don’t know what this is, it’s my 4 yr old’s watch that is programmed to sing a little song, at the timed intervals of our choosing, indicating that it is time to go.:) I know TMI for the non-parents, but it is a life-saver in this house.)

Things that feel like summer:

1.  Days full of bike riding, out-of-town friends, and last-minute road trips.

2.  The blue jay that just flew right up to the window.

3.  Neighbor kids knocking on the door to ask if we can come out and play.

4.  Little smiling heads hitting the pillow, and falling asleep immediately.

5.  Realizing it’s been way too long since you’ve blogged.

The ceiling at the capital, that we visited when we turned a work trip into a family field trip.


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