My Apologies

So sorry.  We’ve been slammed lately.  Who hasn’t?  The beginning of summer always seems to be a busy time.  I don’t know if it’s my excitement about all the potential jam-packed into those sunny days, or if I feel the need to get things done before I get to “summer.”  I spent most of last week making gifts for some of my favorite littles.  (Although, some of them aren’t littles anymore.)  We get to go camping with our family next week, and I wanted to make little gifts for all the nieces and the nephew. 

This is for Taylor’s iPod:

This is for the little girls:

I got the idea from here.

And these are for the boys video games:

I’m still working on sweet baby Ava’s prezzie, but it has something to do with this little refresh I did on this shirt:

That now looks like this:

And, these “new” barrettes we made:

Which are a variation of these.

So, I can see now that the busy-ness of last week was probably my fault.  It wouldn’t have been that bad on its own, but I did have lots of fun making it busy.  And, who doesn’t want to be the aunt that makes random homemade things? 

P.S.  If you happen to be one of my relatives, don’t tell the kids what they are getting, and let me know if YOU want something. 😉


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