Busy, Busy Bee

These last few days have been so packed, but I have nothing to show for them.  Okay, not nothing, but do you know those jobs that you do that seem to be undone before you even finish?  (Best example: laundry.)  I’ve been doing those kinds of things.  In fact, I’ve been doing so many of those types of things that I had a little meltdown.  A girl needs to see some results every once and a while. 😉 

So, I’ve been backing away from some of the thankless jobs and started tackling things that seem to make a difference, like doing the dishes. 😉 Hey, you’d be surprised how encouraging an empty sink can be!

But, speaking of making a difference, we’ve started a new fitness program.  I think we should call it a fitness lifestyle, because it has TAKEN over.  It’s forcing me to eat three times more than I normally do.  Which you think would be fun, but it’s not.  A person can only take so much protein!  And, as it turns out, I’m completely addicted to carbs.  This program only lets me have one carb portion a day.  Can you imagine deciding between oatmeal for breakfast or brown rice with dinner?  How am I supposed to make a call like that?  When all I really want is some Doritos. (Not on the list, surprisingly.)  So, we have decided, for ourselves, that we must have a cheating day!  It really is the only way.  As my husband puts it, “This program was not designed for foodies.”  Since Sunday is our Sabbath, we decided it is the perfect day for us to “rest” from portion counting.  This works out perfectly, because there is a built-in day of rest in the workout program too.  Oh, and don’t get me started on the workout program!  I am so glad I’m building new muscle, and my energy level has definitely gone up, but the soreness.  Oh, the soreness.

Well, that’s enough of that, see what I mean about taking over?  I have a fun new idea that I’ve been working on.  It involves reading an old favorite, and typing away, all day, on the laptop!  (Part of the reason I haven’t blogged lately.)  So you can just picture me, hobbling around like a sore muscled, old woman, eating scrambled egg whites, and typing away on my computer. 

All photos from: weheartit.com


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