Glasses and a cardigan, do not a librarian make

I’ve been drowning in a sea of books.

These are my parent’s books.  Well, let’s be honest, these are my dad’s books.  I’ve wanted to organize them for him, since we’ve been here.  There are books in every room of the house, but this room is lovingly named the library, because shelves line each wall.

First, I wanted to get all the books from the other rooms and have them all in this one centralized place.  I have “sort of” done that.  There are shelves in the master bedroom that I am ignoring, because it all got a little overwhelming.

Do you see these boxes in front of FULL bookshelves?  They are full of books too!  I’m praying for a small miracle, and the organizing prowess of Martha Stewart. 

We weren’t smart enough to do anything but alphabetized by author, but that is not as simple as it seems. I mean, where do I put the book by St. John of the Cross?  Under J for John?  Under C for Cross?  I put him in S for Saint. 🙂  But, over half of these authors are saints!  I had no idea this project was going to become theological.

Before you judge me and my simplistic organizing, I should tell you that I have a friend that organizes his books by height!  (Yeah, judge him. 🙂 )All I know is, next time someone tells me they have their PhD in library sciences, I will bow at their feet in reverence.  It’s not easy people.  We need librarians.  In fact, if you know one, send them over!

P.S. How many Heidelberg Catechisms do you think one person should have? 5? 10? 15?


2 thoughts on “Glasses and a cardigan, do not a librarian make

    • Ha! I’d love to, but I’m probably never going to be done! Apparently, he’s coming home with more books. I’m thinking it’s time to buy him a kindle!

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