I watched this song, the other day, on here.  It slowed me down.   I enjoy being slowed down.  I also enjoy slowing others down.  You know those awkward moments when you are waiting for the other person to talk?  I love those.  I do them on purpose.

I just watched it again, because I was moving too fast.  Well, maybe not so much fast (looks down at pajamas and slippers), as un-surrendered.  There is a “spinning of wheels” that takes over in the un-surrendered life.  Without warning, I can end up like these guys:

I don’t know about you, but I have some stuff I need to lay down.  Stuff, I don’t understand.  Stuff, I want.  Stuff, I don’t want.;)  Then, I’m going to ask My Father to make this true:

“After surrender – what? The whole of the life after surrender is an aspiration for unbroken communion with God.” Oswald Chambers


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