Shh, don’t tell anyone. . .

but I’ve been listening to Johnny Cash all morning.  Don’t tell my husband, or best friend.  I may, or may not, have said some pretty strong words about country music, over the years.  They are both country music listeners.  

Isn’t it funny when we do unexpected things?  I just started craving Johnny Cash music this morning.  For no apparent reason, he just seemed like the right mood.  He was!  He was the perfect soundtrack for my coffee sipping and oatmeal eating.  Wouldn’t it be awful if I didn’t give myself the room to enjoy country music every once and a while?

It makes me wonder if there are other areas I’m not allowing myself to explore and enjoy.  Maybe I should give Brussels sprouts another try?

Just in case you need a little Johnny too:

Love’s been good to me  or Meet Me in Heaven


2 thoughts on “Shh, don’t tell anyone. . .

  1. I feel like I was misrepresented in this blog. There was a time when I enjoyed country music, even a little line dancing. But that was another time . . . a confusing time in life. Today I can tell you with confidence that I am not a country music fan.

    • It’s so nice to see the way we can influence one another’s lives. 🙂 But, you might be misrepresenting yourself. You don’t think that Johnny Cash is a country singer. He is.

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