Mmm, goodness

My dad has a huge sweet tooth.  When we were little, his sweet tooth would anounce itself randomly.  “Why don’t we go to the candy store this afternoon?” he would say.  Of course, my brother and I always loved this idea!  There was this one little corner store, that we lovingly named the candy store.  I’m not exactly sure why.  I don’t even know why it was our chosen place to go.  It wasn’t the closest convenience store.  I have since, driven by it, and to be honest it looks more like one of those corner liquor stores that you would want to steer clear of.  But, maybe it was different back then. 

We would pull up in front and run inside to the wall of candy that stood in the middle of the shop.  I’m sure if you could have seen us, you would have seen joyful anticipation, promise, and probably a bit of greed.  I know, because the shop owner always got a kick out of us and would sometimes throw in something extra. (Just for our cuteness, I’m sure. ;))  We probably looked like these kids , just more Asian. 

But, I remember how I would get a little overwhelmed with the amount of choices.  I would labor and labor over the what if’s.  And, my dad at some point (probably because his blood sugar was low), would prod me to choose something.

Do you ever feel this way?  Just too much goodness.  I get a little lost and overwhelmed with the choices.  My first inclination is to be a bit greedy.  Can I have all of them?  But, if I learn from my candy store experiences, I know that if I just make the best choice for that day, it will be more than enough.  

My friend (And, I can call him that, because we will be great friends in eternity.), Oswald Chambers said, “We have no right to judge where we should be put, or to have preconceived notions as to what God is fitting us for.  God engineers everything; wherever He puts us our one great aim is to pour out a whole-hearted devotion to Him in that particular work. ‘Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with thy might.’ “


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