Because there is no reason to overload my facebook friends

I like to spend my mornings inspiring myself.  Which, believe me, can take a while.  Okay, it’s usually about the amount of time it takes me to swig a ginormous cup of coffee.  I like to read all my favorite blogs.  Check my Facebook.  And, some days, I’m lucky enough to open a book.  Then, after I find something incredibly inspiring, sadness sets in because I want to share it with someone.  And, there are only so many times you can change your Facebook status!  So, in order to save my Facebook friends the trouble of scrolling past my rantings, I’m gonna’ blog. Sometimes, don’t you just want to show off what you LOVE that day? 

Today, I love this.

We just got back from a refreshing little vacation to the Pacific Northwest.  There was so much beauty and goodness.  We also got to spend lots of time with good friends.  Our kids, and their kids, ran around like crazy little monkeys.  It was so fun!  I didn’t really have to “search” for inspiration this morning, just sort of woke up with it.  Isn’t that nice?  Vacations are important.  I forget that.

What’s inspiring you today?  What is that little thing that causes you to lift your head above the everyday?

Need some help?  Try this:

or maybe you need a little fun mixed in with the beauty

Either way, keep searching until you find it, my friend.  You’ll be so glad you did. 🙂


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